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Academics Program

CSIR-IIP invites applications for PhD program under the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) in Chemical Science and Chemical Engineering from eligible candidates, for the January 2018 session. Interested candidates are requested to go through the eligibility criteria given below.


PhD in Chemical Sciences

Master's degree with a keen sense of scientific enquiry for pursuing advanced research in frontier areas of Chemical Science. The candidate should be having a valid National level fellowship (JRF/ SRF of various funding agencies, e.g. CSIR, UGC etc.), or INSPIRE or other equivalent fellowships

PhD in Chemical Engineering

      (I) A Master’s degree in Engineering or Technology following a four-year engineering/technology or 4/5 year science degree; or an integrated minimum-5-year M Tech degree; or equivalent.


     (II) At least one of the following

        (a)   Awarded a national-level fellowship (such as NET JRF) tenable at CSIR institutes

        (b)  Meeting all the conditions required for eligibility for the CSIR-SRF

        (c)  Meeting all the conditions for the award of the INSPIRE fellowship (typically awarded to students ranked first in   

            the University)

      The project assistants working at CSIR-IIP are also encouraged to apply for the PhD program (Chemical Sciences and Chemical engineering) meeting the eligibility criteria as per the CSIR OM No. 4/CMG/2016-PPD, dated July 4, 2016.

How to Apply

Interested candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria can apply online. The last date for online application submission is 25th October 2018. Admission portal will be opened on 21st September 2018. Select "CSIR-IIP" as the CSIR lab preference in the pull-down menu of application form.

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