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CSIR-IIP provides a complete array of technical support and training services to the petroleum refining industry on a worldwide basis. Since inception IIP has always met the need for an independent source of refining technical consulting and training services. Our reputation for meeting the needs of refiners by providing quality training services has grown steadily to include a worldwide base of clients. The Institute maintains its leading position in conducting training programme to train technical personnel from refining industry, petrochemical industry , automotive sector, power plants and other related user industry. Since inception IIP has trained more than 7000 personnel from India and abroad. Our flagship course on petroleum refining technology was initiated in early sixties. Industry attaches utmost significance to the training programmes conducted by IIP, due to IIP acts as a window to the latest information on the subject for the participants and participants have a physical feel of IIP's R&D facilities, its capabilities, strength and the services it provides to industry. Moreover IIP forms an instrument of business with the industry involving technical consultancy, technological support and contract R&D. IIP offers a large number of world class regular and advanced training courses of short duration to long duration. These course are customized in terms of technical contents and duration as per the need of client. Our clients portfolio includes refining sector, power sector, automotive companies, Government departments, EPC companies etc.

In addition to Indian companies we have also catered to several International clients. Our courses are targeted to GETs, unit process engineers, unit technical managers, shift engineers, chemists, sales team and operators. Our training courses are moderately priced which are designed to impart the necessary knowledge and skills. Faculty for the courses are highly competent and experienced scientists and also guest faculties from refineries and engineering companies. Participants are also provided ample opportunities to have hands-on experience.


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