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Research at CSIR - IIP

The students enrolled for academic programs should have strong motivation and dedication to pursue research in chemical sciences and Chemical Engineering leading to PhD degree. Research groups at CSIR-IIP are supported by centralized sophisticated instrumental facilities, pilot plants, computational facilities, digital information resource centre. Apart from these centralized infrastructures, state-of-art instrumental facilities are available in individual research groups.

Areas of activity include petroleum refining, petrochemicals, biofuels, natural gas, alternative and clean energy, catalysis, adsorption, separations, CO2 recovery and utilization, nanomaterials, biotechnology, IC engines, lubricants and combustion. CSIR-IIP offers globally competitive technologies and services for hydrocarbon, chemicals and automotive industries. It has close collaborations with other research and academic institutes / universities, both within the country and aboard, and an impressive track record of placements. The research topics offered during PhD cover specialized areas of:


Chemical Science

Adsorption / Absorption processes
Advanced Functional Materials
Algal Biofuels
Analytical Chemistry
Biomass for Chemicals, Fuels and Energy
Carbon Nanomaterials
Catalysis (Homogeneous and Heterogeneous)
Catalytic Processes for Biofuels & Chemicals
Catalyst Deactivation
CO2 to Fuels and Energy
E-waste Valorisation
Green Chemistry
Hydrogen Generation
 Lignin Valorisation
Lubricants and Additives
Materials Chemistry/Physics
Nanomaterials for Energy
Organic Chemistry
Petro-refining Process
Renewable Fuels
Solvent Extraction 
Specialty Chemicals
Surfaces and Interfaces
Utilization of Methane for Clean Energy and Chemicals
Value Addition of Heavy Crude Oils

Chemical Engineering

Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Mass Transfer
Process intensification
Reaction Engineering


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