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Offered Training Courses

Regular Training Programs

Petroleum Refining Technology.
Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Technology.
Application of Fuels & Lubes in Automotive/Industrial Machines.
Engine Fuel, Quality Requirements and Emissions Norms.
Vehicular Pollution.
Operation and Maintenance of CFR Engines
Deposit Rating of Small S.I. Engine Components
Analysis of Petroleum and Petroleum product.

Advanced Training Programs

Advances in Petroleum Refining Technology
Advances in Processing & Handling of Heavy Crudes
Crude Assay Using Physico-chemical and Analytical Methods
Analysis of Petroleum Products Related to Forensic Sciences

Training Programs on Specific Topics

Solvent Extraction Technology
Heat Exchanger: Design, Operation and Trouble Shooting
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process Technology
Efficient Utilization of Fuel Oils
Process Integration (Pinch Analysis) in Refining Industry
Refinery Processes & their significance
Petrochemicals: Advances in hydrocarbon Industry


List of Training Programs Organized during 2007-2012


Training Program on
for Chemical Engineers of IOCL
Training Program on
for Chemical Engineers of IOCL

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