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Guidelines for Summer/ Vocational Training at IIP

The students of engineering colleges are required to carry out project work as a pre-requisite for completion of their B.E./ B Tech, M. Tech/ M.Sc degree for a period of 6 months duration. Projects of interest to CSIR-IIP are given to the students so that while students are exposed to the latest technological developments while working on real life sponsored projects. CSIR-IIP too benefits from the project work.

Since CSIR-IIP receives a very large number of requests from IITs, NITs, Universities, Colleges and individuals for imparting summer / vocational training to their students/wards from different disciplines/areas. This not only overburdens institute’s infrastructure but sometimes also adversely affects the R&D programmes. In order to streamline procedure for acceptance of such requests following guidelines are framed.

IITs, NITs and other reputed Govt. Institutions will be preferred to completer their project work and they will not be charged any fees.
Since IIP does have very limited hostel facilities, it will not be possible to provide hostel accommodation to trainees.
Number of students from an institution at a time (per semester / year) must not exceed four.
Request for less than 6 months of project work will not be entertained. No students will be allowed for 2 months summer training/ internship
Students of B Tech after completing 3rd year will be allowed for 6 months project work. B Tech 2nd year students will not be allowed. Similarly M Sc 2nd year students will be entertained for project work.
Students with excellent academic record having cumulative grade point 7.5 / 75% marks or more will be accepted for training / project work.

Training request will be accepted only in the areas of chemical & mechanical engineering, biotechnology and chemistry. Computer science students will be accepted only in case if there is requirement of IIP.

Continuance of training of a student at IIP will be subject to his / her satisfactory conduct and performance. IIP will have a right to discontinue / terminate the training programme of any student any stage.

Trainee will not claim any intellectual property right, of work done at IIP and has to strictly maintain the confidentiality of Institute’s intellectual property. Any violation /infringement, will be viewed adversely against the student as well as the institution to which he/she belongs and may invite appropriate action.

Trainee will not be allowed to use any IIP infrastructure, stationary, Xeroxing, binding etc.

Procedure for doing summer training /project work at CSIR-IIP

Applications registered online through internet will be accepted. Students are requested to inform their colleges to submit request in advance 4 months before actual date of training.
Applications duly completed in all respects along with bio data and xerox copies of all marks cards (from SSLC onwards) should be submitted to The Head, Training & HR, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Mohkampur, Dehradun 248005. Applications without a Sponsoring Letter from the college duly signed by the Principal / Head of Department will not be accepted.
  Download Format of Undertaking & Certificate from Head of Institute

Instructions for students selected for doing project work

The students are completely governed by the rules and regulations of IIP.

Every batch of students or individual student, as the case may be, will have a scientific/technical project guide from one of the Divisions at IIP. The college can however nominate one of its staff members to co-ordinate on academic matters and liaise with IIP.

During vacation / college holidays (other than Saturdays/Sundays), till the project work is complete, students are required to be at IIP premises from 09.00 am to 05.30 pm. During training period, they should indicate the slots allotted for project work in the college time-table and must be present on all such days at IIP.

The students will not be eligible for IIP transport facility, IIP hostel accommodation may be available depending upon availability. However preference will given to students who do not require hostel accommodation.

Within the IIP premises and during working hours, the students should wear the IIP identity badge and also carry the college identity card.

Library facility at IIP is limited to referencing only; borrowing of books / journals is not extended to the students. However xerox copies may be obtained from the Library on payment of necessary charges.

The college should take the entire responsibility in case of loss or damage to IIP property caused by the students.

IIP will not be responsible for any injury / loss / damage that may occur to the students during the tenure of their project work.
If the progress is not satisfactory, the concerned student/s may be advised by IIP to discontinue the project work.

Please note that the project report prepared for the college and for IIP are required to be identical in all respects. Two copies are required to be submitted to IIPL – one each to the project guide and Head Training & HR, before submitting the final copy to the college.

The students must furnish a “No – Demand Certificate” to Training Division in the prescribed format after completion of project work along with a soft copy and hard copy of the project report.

The Director, IIP may initiate disciplinary action against erring students and decision of the Director is final and binding on the students and colleges.

The project students and their college/staff members shall have no claim whatsoever on the results of the project work. IIP retains all intellectual property rights in patents, designs, software copyright (source code) and publications if any that may be generated during the course of project work.

The college certificate in the project report prescribed by the college / university, the cover page and all certificates in the project report should categorically reflect that the place of project work is iip. The acknowledgement sheet in the project report should mention the name of the scientist who has guided at iip and the director, iip prominently.

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