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Institute has a strong infrastructure support for R&D activities and state-of-the-art facilities for analysis, evaluation and testing of crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals and catalysts.

Technical assistance and consultancy is provided to refineries on various refining operation and related activities. Chemical analysis by state-of-the-art equipment and performance evaluation of petroleum products is conducted on standard engines. Lubricating oil, additives fuel, fuel saving additives and devices are evaluated by field trials. Testing and evaluation of fuels and oils for emission type approval, octane / cetane rating of gasoline/diesel fuel and rating of engine components is provided. CSIR-IIP provides engine oil qualification certificates against BIS specifications.

Technical Assistance/Services

Trouble shooting of units of Refinery, Petrochemicals and Chemical Industry.
Contract Research.
Techno economic feasibility and market studies for hydrocarbon sector.

Evaluation Services

Various petroleum products are evaluated for their performance by using state-of-art testing machines as well as by field trials.


CSIR-IIP has a Calibration laboratory for calibration of temperature, flow and pressure sensors and controllers used in process instrumentation and pilot plants. The calibration is conducted as per industrial and standard procedures for the following parameters. Any firms or users may contact us for calibration of their thermocouples, RTDs, Pt100, flow controller, flow sensors, pressure sensors & gauges etc. at very nominal cost.


  • Temperature Calibration for Thermometer and Thermocouples

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