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Abstracts and Conference Proceedings


Abstracts and/ or Conference Proceedings

Dr. Anjan Ray; “Refinery Integration of Renewable Fuels” at Petrotech-2014 at New Delhi
Dr. Anjan Ray and James E Rekoske; “Conversion of Existing Petroleum Refineries into Green Fuels Facilities - Low Carbon Jet Fuel : The Industry Flight Path” in Melbourne (February 2013)
Ratanavalee in Ochanon, Kunn Kangvansaichol, Chonchada Tipdecho and Anjan Ray; “A Drop-in Renewable Diesel for Automotive Engines”, Asia Refining Technology Conference, Bangkok (February 2012)
Anjan Ray, David M Cepla and Soumendra Banerjee; “Conversion of Palm Derived Biomass to a Liquid Energy Delivery Intermediate”, PIPOC-2011, International Palm Oil Conference, Kuala Lumpur
Mark E Reno, Monique Streff, Anjan Ray and Andrew Hird; “Conversion of Biomass to Fuel as an Environmental Impact Reduction Opportunity for the Pulp and Paper Industry”, Paperex-2009 Conference, New Delhi (December 2009)
James Garft and Anjan Ray; “Productivity Improvement and Optimization of High Energy Consumption in Rigid PVC Processing Through High Performance Lubricants”, Polymer Processing Society International Conference PPS-25, GOA (March 2009)
Anjan Ray, Keynote address “Personal Care Formulation Trends in India”, In-Cosmetics, Mumbai (August 2008)
Rabin Santra, M M Bhagwat and Anjan Ray; Invited lecture on “Structure Property Relationships in Textile Finishing Through Functionalised Polymers”, International Conference on Emerging Trends in Polymers and Textiles, New Delhi (January 2005)
Anjan Ray, Alan G MacDiarmid, John M Ginder and Arthur J Epstein; “Optical Studies of Polyanilines:Effects of Alkyl Ring-Substitution and Solvent Environment”, MRS Proceedings Vol 173, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (1989)
Online Ref : dx.doi.org/10.1557/PROC-173-253

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