Technical Assistance to Petroleum Industry

CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum has a strong infrastructure support for R&D activities and is providing technical assistance to the petroleum industry for –

  • Development and evaluation of new fuels and fuels additives
  • Fuel additive performance evaluation studies
  • Survey of the quality of fuels in Indian market
  • Engine testing of the fuels
  • Quality control/assurance services to petroleum industry

Besides, we assist refineries in value addition of petroleum products by –

  • Providing technical services to the petroleum industry and imparting training to the personnel
  • Assisting in BIS in formulation of standards for petroleum products
  • Conducting techno-economic feasibility studies
  • Carrying on Stock loss studies of petroleum products like MS/HSD/Kerosene
  • Assisting regulatory bodies to maintain the fuel quality in Indian market
  • Working for projects on environmental/health hazardous petroleum components like benzene emissions on the fuel retail outlets.