Light Stock Processing Division

  • Closely working with the government and industry, the Division has an illustrious history in sharing the CSIR tradition of excellence, and has acclaimed national leadership in catalysis research of industrial relevance in the arena of petroleum refining, clean energy and bio fuels.
  • Many fundamental discoveries made in the Division have found their way into commercial applications in hydrocarbon industry ranging from bi-metallic (Pt-Re) balanced reforming catalyst, skewed reforming catalyst, and catalyst for ultra deep desulphurization of gas oil.
  • With a team of experienced scientists and technical staff, the Division provides a unique environment that fosters groundbreaking research in 03 independent areas that are well aligned with national priority sectors in the domain of Nanocatalysis and Catalytic Reforming. Specialized areas such as Conversion of Natural Gas to Liquids (GTL) is also covered.
  • Renewable energy including clean transportation fuels and development of greener catalytic processes reflect the Division’s current research strengths as well as its vision for the future direction of its research programs.
  • The Divisional research impact can be gauged by a large number of highly cited publications, patents and linkages with many prestigious national and trans-national organizations.

Fundamental Research

We invite you to utilize our facilities and expertise to solve your challenges and technical problems.

Dr N Vishwanadham
Chief Scientist
Head of Division 
Email: nvish[at]iip[dot]res[dot]in
Phone: +91 135 2525856/827

  • C1 Chemistry, Activation of Molecular Oxygen
  • Catalysis for Sustainable Development – focusing on the catalyst development for bi-reforming of
    Methane, Methanol/DME synthesis and bio-derived Chemicals