Upstream and Wax Rheology Division

  • The responsbilities of this newly created Division is to carry out fundamental and applied researches, do comprehensive studies and offer laboratory based scientific and technical services in order that by doing so it would meet technological needs of the upstream sector of the petroleum industry and solve their problems.
  • The Division comprises four independent research areas Waste Plastics Conversion-Process Technology, Catalytic Depolymerization, Wax Rheology and Upstream.


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Dr Sanat Kumar

Dr Sanat Kumar
Senior Principal Scientist
Head of Division 
Email: sanat[at]iip[dot]res[dot]in
Phone: +91 135 2525794

  • Setting up of 1 TPD demo unit for conversion of waste plastics to diesel
  • Conversion of waste plastics to chemicals
  • Hydrogen Production by Methane/Natural Gas Cracking
  • Novel Catalysts for Depolymerization of Waste Plastic
  • Production of Gasoline-range Aromatics from Waste Plastic Naphtha
  • Development of Hierarchical Nano Zeolites for Value Addition of Waste Plastics