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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Second Generation Hydrocarbon Fuels from Oil Palm by-products
Anjan Ray
Journal of Oil Palm and the Environment, 4, pp 22-28 (2013)
Online Ref : doi:10.5366/jope.2013.03

Electron Localization in Polyaniline and its derivatives
Anjan Ray, Z H Wang, A J Epstein and A G MacDiarmid
Synthetic Metals, 41 (1), pp 749-753 (1991)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(91)91176-B

Electron Localization and Charge Transport in Poly (o-toluidine): A Model Polyaniline Derivative
Anjan Ray, Z H Wang, A J Epstein and A G MacDiarmid
Physical Review B, 43, pp 4373-4378 (1991)
Online Ref : https://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.43.4373

X-ray Structure of Polyanilines
Anjan Ray, M E Jozefowicz, A J Epstein, J P Pouget, J G Masters, Y Sun, X Tang and A G MacDiarmid
Synthetic Metals, 41 (1), pp 723-727 (1991)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(91)91170-F

X-ray Structure of the Polyaniline Derivative Poly (o-toluidine) : Tthe Structural Origin of Charge Localization
Anjan Ray, M E Jozefowicz, A J Epstein, J P Pouget, J G Masters and A G MacDiarmid
Macro-molecules, 24 (21), pp 5863-5868 (1991)
Online Ref : doi:10.1021/ma00021a022

Heteronuclear NMR Studies of Cobalamins#11-15N NMR Studies of the Axial Nucleotide and Amide Side Chains of Cyanocobalamin
Anjan Ray, Kenneth L Brown, Harold B Brooks, Xiang Zou, Mark Victor and Russell Timkovich
Inorganic Chemistry, 29 (24), pp 4841-4844 (1990)
Online Ref : doi:10.1021/ic00349a001

Electron Localization in Polyaniline and Derivatives
Anjan Ray, Z H Wang, H H Javadi, A G MacDiarmid and A J Epstein
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter, 42 (8), pp 5411-5414 (1990)
Online Ref : https://journals.aps.org/prb/abstract/10.1103/PhyRevB 42.5411

15N NMR of Polyaniline
Anjan Ray, A F Richter, K V Ramanathan, S K Manohar, G T Furst, S J Opella, A G MacDiarmid and A J Epstein
Synthetic Metals, 29 (1), pp 243-249 (1989)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(89)90302-0

Polyaniline : Doping, Structure and Derivatives
Anjan Ray, G E Asturias, D L Kershner, A F Richter, A G MacDiarmid and A J Epstein
Synthetic Metals, 29 (1), pp 141-150 (1989)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(89)90289-0

Polyaniline : Protonation/deprotonation of Amine and Imine Sites
Anjan Ray, A F Richter and A G MacDiarmid
Synthetic Metals, 29 (1), pp151-156 (1989)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(89)90290-7

Synthesis and Electrochemistry of Alkyl Ring-Substituted Polyanilines
Anjan Ray, Yen Wei, Walter W Focke, Gary E Wnek and A G MacDiarmid
The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 93, pp 495-499 (1989)
Online Ref : pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/j100338a095

Solution Studies of the Emeraldine Oxidation State of Polyaniline
Anjan Ray, F Zuo, R P McCall, J M Ginder, M G Roe, J M Leng, A J Epstein, G E Asturias, S P Ermer and A G MacDiarmid
Synthetic Metals, 29 (1), pp 445-450 (1989)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(89)90331-7

Vapor Deposited Polyaniline
Anjan Ray, K Uvdal, M Logdlund, P Dannetun, L Bertilsson, S Stafstrom, W R Salaneck, A G MacDiarmid, A Ray, E M Scherr, T Hjertberg and A J Epstein
Synthetic Metals, 29 (1), pp 451-456 (1989)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(89)90332-9

Polyaniline : Solutions, Films and Oxidation State
Anjan Ray, M Angelopoulos, G E Asturias, S P Ermer, E M Scherr, A G MacDiarmid, M Akhtar, Z Kiss and A J Epstein
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 160 (1) (1988)
Online Ref : doi:10.1080/15421408808083010

Polyaniline : Processability from Aqueous Solutions and Effect of Water Vapor on Conductivity
Anjan Ray, M Angelopoulos and G E Asturias
Synthetic Metals, 21 (1-3) pp 21-30 (1987)
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/0379-6779(87)90062-2

PVC Calendering : A Simplified Prediction Technique
Anjan Ray and A V Shenoy
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 30 (1), pp 1-18 (1985)
Online Ref : doi:10.1002/app.1985.070300101

Abstracts and/or Conference Proceedings

Refinery Integration of Renewable Fuels
Anjan Ray
PETROTECH, New Delhi, 2014

Conversion of Existing Petroleum Refineries into Green Fuels Facilities – Low Carbon Jet Fuel
Anjan Ray and James E Rekoske
The Industry Flight Path, Melbourne, February 2013

A Drop-in Renewable Diesel for Automotive Engines
Ratanavalee in Ochanon, Kunn Kangvansaichol, Chonchada Tipdecho and Anjan Ray
Asia Refining Technology Conference, Bangkok, February 2012

Conversion of Palm Derived Biomass to a Liquid Energy Delivery Intermediate
Anjan Ray, David M Cepla and Soumendra Banerjee
PIPOC-2011, International Palm Oil Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 2011

Conversion of Biomass to Fuel as an Environmental Impact Reduction Opportunity for the Pulp and Paper Industry
Mark E Reno, Monique Streff, Anjan Ray and Andrew Hird
Paperex-2009 Conference, New Delhi, December 2009

Productivity Improvement and Optimization of High Energy Consumption in Rigid PVC Processing Through High Performance Lubricants
James Garft and Anjan Ray
Polymer Processing Society International Conference PPS-25, Goa, March 2009

Personal Care Formulation Trends in India
Anjan Ray (Keynote Address)
In-Cosmetics, Mumbai, August 2008

Structure Property Relationships in Textile Finishing Through Functionalised Polymers
Rabin Santra, M M Bhagwat and Anjan Ray (Invited Lecture)
International Conference on Emerging Trends in Polymers and Textiles, New Delhi, January 2005

Optical Studies of Polyanilines : Effects of Alkyl Ring-Substitution and Solvent Environment
Anjan Ray, Alan G MacDiarmid, John M Ginder and Arthur J Epstein
MRS Proceedings Vol 173, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (1989)
Online Ref : dx.doi.org/10.1557/PROC-173-253

Book Chapters

Chiral Conducting Poly (3-Alkylthiophenes): Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Properties
Dilip Kotkar, Pushpito K Ghosh, Anjan Ray
edited by P N Prasad and J K Nigam in Frontiers of Polymer Research
Springer US, pp 407-411
Online Ref : doi:10.1007/978-1-4615-3856-1_42

Production of Green Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels
Anjan Ray and Amar Anumakonda
edited by Ashok Pandey et al in Biofuels : Alternative Feedstocks and Conversion Processes
pp 587 – 608 ONLINE
Online Ref : doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-385099-7.00027-9